Our 1-Click Wordpress Installer

Posted October 10, 2019

Great news - we have a new Wordpress 1-Click installer that makes it extremely easy to set up a secure, up-to-date Wordpress blog without doing anything technical.

Our 1-Click installer works like this:

  • You create a new Chunk (our word for VPS server) and select the "Wordpress Stack 2019" option.

  • Our system will set up the new chunk, which takes a minute or two, and then email you a password (unless you have SSH keys set up already.)

  • You log into your server via SSH (this is easy, click here for instructions.)

  • Now, our 1-Click installation wizard will ask you some questions (your domain name, a username you want to use, etc.), and then will go ahead and set up your Wordpress site.

  • At that point, you'll be set to log into your Wordpress site and get started!

We've made the 1-Click installer as clear and simple as possible, and have already heard from customers that using it is a breeze.

Security Plugins

We also install a few security plugins by default. We don't activate them, but we encourage you to do so, to make sure you have a safe, secure Wordpress blog.

These plugins are:

  • Two Factor Authentication - A great plugin to make sure nobody can log into your Wordpress site, even if they somehow get your password.

  • Wordfence - A very popular Wordpress firewall and security scanner. This will protect your site from malicious traffic, and send you reports when your site is running any outdated plugins, or has other security problems. This is such a fantastic plugin, we really recommend activating this on your site.

  • UpdraftPlus - Made by the same folks as the Two Factor Authentication plugin, UpdraftPlus is a way to back up your Wordpress site. You can back it up to a number of different cloud services, including some that you probably already have an account with, like Google Drive and Dropbox. Chunkhost backs up every VPS daily (for free!), but there is no such thing as having too many backup options.

We highly recommend setting up all of these plugins. Oh, and as a bonus, our 1-Click installer also uninstalls that annoying "Hello Dolly" example plugin that is added by defauly with every Wordpress install.

Talk to us!

If you have any thoughts on our Wordpress installer, or suggestions for other plugins or configuration options, please contact us and let us know, we would love to hear your thoughts.