Software For Your Chunk

Posted July 09, 2013

Now that your chunk is up and running, you probably want to fill it with awesome open source software! Here are some of the things you could run, if you were so inclined!

Postfix: Your Own Mail Server

The simple way

If you just want to send email from your PHP app, it's very easy. Just run this command, and you're done!

apt-get install postfix

Alternatively, if even that is too hard, you can let do it for you. They are a reliable mail sending service, and free for up to 200 emails a day! Just grab an account and follow their instructions, and your PHP app will be blasting people with unwanted messages in no time!

The nerdy way

If you want to receive mail on your chunk, you're in for a challenge! Postfix has far too many configuration possibilities for us to cover them all here, but Ubuntu's guides on configuring postfix are a great place to start:

BIND9: Your Own DNS Server

Managing your own DNS Server can be hard, and is probably unnecessary unless you just want to geek out. ChunkHost offers DNS hosting for all your domains, so you should probably just use that. Only keep reading if you're very nerdy, and very determined!

Ubuntu's guides to setting up BIND9 are some of the best, so start there:

ZPanel: Offer Web Hosting to Others

ZPanel is a free tool for configuring all of the standard web hosting elements: domains, email, PHP, MySQL databases, and the like. Once it's installed, you can sell or give away accounts to others, so they can have their sites hosted on your chunk!

Download and setup instructions here: