Install an Easy Remote Desktop for Ubuntu

Posted January 04, 2014

Note: we have a pre-made remote desktop snapshot in the control panel. To save your time and some bandwidth, feel free to use it! However, if you prefer to install remote desktop yourself, here are the instructions.

These instructions were tested on Ubuntu 12.10. If you have problems on Ubuntu 14.04, please use the instructions from these articles:

First, you need to create a chunk with Ubuntu. Then login to your chunk via ssh and issue the following commands:

apt-get update

That will update your chunk's software to the latest version.

apt-get install xrdp

That will install an open source remote desktop protocol(rdp) server on your chunk.

apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

That will install a graphical desktop interface to your chunk.

Reboot your chunk then, wait for some time and open Remote Desktop Connection in Windows (see this article for more details). Enter your chunk's login details and you should be all set!

If you are on Mac, Microsoft now provides a Microsoft Remote Desktop app in the MacStore.

If you ever need to stop the remote desktop service, login to your chunk via ssh and issue the following command:

service xrdp stop