Adding DNS Records

Posted June 28, 2014

After you create a chunk and upload your website files, you need to point your domain to your chunk to make your website accessible on the Internet. Here is what you need to do:

  • Use your domain registrar panel and set your domain name servers to and

  • Log into your Chunkhost account and click "DNS" the top.

  • Click "Add a Domain For DNS" and enter the domain name there.

  • Your domain then appear in the list on the "DNS" page at

  • Click the domain name and create the following records

A record:

name: empty

content: IP address of your chunk

CNAME record:

name: www


Please note that you don't need any NS records (on our end) since our servers are already the nameservers set by your registrar.

Our DNS editor is a bit rudimentary; if your registrar or another DNS provider has an interface that's less confusing/crappy, feel free to use it! There's no advantage to ours over anybody else's, really!

The only thing you have to do on our DNS editor is set the reverse value for your chunks' ip addresses: only we can do that!