About ChunkHost

Posted March 04, 2014

Since 2008, ChunkHost has been offering virtual private servers ("chunks") from their Los Angeles, CA data center. By emphasizing reliablility, good customer service, and bitcoin, ChunkHost has retained a loyal customer base that continues to stick with them over larger hosting companies.

The Three Owners

Nate Daiger

The creator of our website and "chunkbot" control panel, Nate Daiger has spent much of his professional life in the web hosting industry. He is an expert in ruby on rails, linux, and data center operations.


Josh Jones

Josh Jones has been a serial entrepreneur with an unbelievable track record. Since founding (and eventually leaving) DreamHost, he has also founded epubbud.com, bitcoinbuilder.com, and many other ventures that are all making money. His advice has been invaluable to the business.


Sergey Tsalkov

Sergey brings many years of experience in web hosting. Since joining the group in 2014, he has been working on ChunkHost's web panel, the data center, etc! Some of his other projects are Best Minecraft Server Hosting (a review site), Best Ark Server Hosting (another review site), Ark Server Hosting (a game hosting company) and MeekroDB (a PHP/MySQL database library).