Saucy Salamander
By Josh Jones, posted on Tuesday, November 5 at 9:27 PM

That's the codename for Ubuntu 13.10, which we actually added last month.

It's just in the midst of our saucy celebration, I forgot to mention it.

By Josh Jones, posted on Tuesday, November 5 at 9:19 PM

Did you notice something?

Something new?

Something new when adding a chunk?

Something new when adding a chunk TODAY?

That's right, we're now making nice, super-easy-to-use, pre-made images for the most popular server uses and putting them just two clicks away when you go to make a chunk.

All our images are "professionally" made so you know they'll have all the best options already pre-configured and ready to go for sit-back-and-enjoy enjoyment.

The first one is WordPress (the best open source blogging/CMS software out there). Next is Minecraft (ask your kid). Then... well, you tell us!

Don't know what you're doing with your chunk?

Don't worry chunky, everything is okay.

Everything is okay... TODAY.

Icon Hardly See You
By Josh Jones, posted on Friday, November 1 at 2:33 PM

In honor of Thanksgiving, we've added a bit of fall coloring to the Chunkbot (our control panel)... in the form of the Ubuntu logo!

We put that dang Ubuntu logo all over the place! I believe it's freely distributable and it's a lot cheaper easier classier than making our own custom Thanksgiving artwork.

We also decided to preemptively add a little Christmas (thanks, Debian) and Easter (you, CentOS) cheer!

All of this is on our chunks page ... both in your list of chunks and when you're selecting what OS you want to use when you make a new chunk.

It took everybody here TWO FULL MONTHS to do this.

Raring To Go!
By Josh Jones, posted on Tuesday, September 17 at 3:23 PM

Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is now available for all chunks!

Like all our server images, it's 64-bit, and super saucy! Oh wait, it's not saucy, it's raring. The next release is saucy.

For those who don't know, Ubuntu has had a history of naming all its releases as YEAR.MONTH, but since they don't know until its done what that will be, they give it another silly name in the format Adjective Animal, with the first letter of each word incrementing in alphabetical order starting with the fourth release, Dapper Drake (which had been preceded with Warty Warthog, Hoary Hedgehog, and Breezy Badger).

Since then it's been:

Edgy Eft, Feisty Fawn, Gutsy Gibbon, Hardy Heron, Intrepid Ibex, Jaunty Jackalope, Karmic Koala, Lucid Lynx, Maverick Meerkat, Natty Narwhal, Oneiric Ocelot, Precise Pangolin, Quantal Quetzal, Raring Ringtail, and coming soon (next month?) Saucy Salamander!

I just can't wait for Zippy Zebra!

By Josh Jones, posted on Thursday, September 5 at 1:38 PM

Me and Jessica have a contest going where we sneak into people's home gyms and take photos of ourselves on their equipment. I'm winning 94-2.

Did you know that ever since 1998 2008 we've been taking daily backups of everybody's chunk? I didn't.

Nate did though, and it's a good thing, because more than once a thousand times we've helped you guys undo something bad you did, or undo something bad we did, or allow for wistful reminiscences of the state of a server at 2am the night before.

But in order to get access to these backups, you had to write us... if you even knew they existed! HA!

Don't Bother Us

Good news folks, not only can you now:

  1. restore your chunk from its nightly backup yourself.

you can also:

  1. take your own backup at any time you want!

We call them "snapshots"! And you'll have to excuse the weird use of a numbered list here, I mostly wanted to try out the markdown.

And you can do it by just going to, clicking on your chunk, and then clicking on "snapshot"

It's Going to Cost You


For now at least, you can take as many snapshots of your chunks as you'd like, as often as you want, and we'll store them indefinitely for you to restore on a twerky, drunken, whim... FOR JUST $0.00.

This may change in the future, but we're already all independently wealthy so I don't see why it would.

Okay, We Started
By Josh Jones, posted on Thursday, September 5 at 1:22 PM

It's never too late to start blogging, right?

We've actually been around since 2008, but blogging wasn't cool anymore back then, so being a bunch of super-cool guys, we couldn't be seen doing it.

But now, as of September 5th, 2013, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Candy Crush Saga, blogging is again cool. So we'd better get on it.

And so we have.

Right here. Right about....


ChunkHost Will Start Blogging Real Soon!
By Nick Langer, posted on Thursday, August 29 at 4:20 PM

Hello, world!

Crazy Pic