Rebilling Bitcoiners

By Josh Jones, posted on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heya! We started accepting Bitcoin (in earnest) back in September... so enough time has now passed that we thought we should do some analysis on how people who paid with Bitcoin compared to those that did not!

And there you go.. for people who signed up for ChunkHost from September through November 2013, essentially the same percentage are still active now no matter what form of payment they signed up with.

However! There is a bit difference when you see how Bitcoiners vs. Non-Bitcoiners close their accounts. Non-Bitcoiners actually go in and close out their account.. I assume because otherwise they would continue to be charged on their credit card!

Bitcoiners are much more likely to just stop paying, and wait for us to notice and eventually close their account for non-payment.

Can't say I blame em!