Raring To Go!

By Josh Jones, posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is now available for all chunks!

Like all our server images, it's 64-bit, and super saucy! Oh wait, it's not saucy, it's raring. The next release is saucy.

For those who don't know, Ubuntu has had a history of naming all its releases as YEAR.MONTH, but since they don't know until its done what that will be, they give it another silly name in the format Adjective Animal, with the first letter of each word incrementing in alphabetical order starting with the fourth release, Dapper Drake (which had been preceded with Warty Warthog, Hoary Hedgehog, and Breezy Badger).

Since then it's been:

Edgy Eft, Feisty Fawn, Gutsy Gibbon, Hardy Heron, Intrepid Ibex, Jaunty Jackalope, Karmic Koala, Lucid Lynx, Maverick Meerkat, Natty Narwhal, Oneiric Ocelot, Precise Pangolin, Quantal Quetzal, Raring Ringtail, and coming soon (next month?) Saucy Salamander!

I just can't wait for Zippy Zebra!