ChunkHost Gets 30% of November Revenue in Bitcoins!

By Nick Langer, posted on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Here at ChunkHost, we don't consider ourselves a Bitcoin company any more than we're a Visa or PayPal company. We just provide the chunkiest VPSes on the market at great prices, with awesome support, Josh's crazy sense of humor, and all the other perks our customers have come to expect!

But we are nerds and Bitcoin investors ourselves, so naturally, we've been accepting it since 2012! For much of that time, we didn't do anything to publicize that fact. We figured we'd just accept it and they would come! And we did get the occasional Bitcoin payment, but for the most part, people ignored it and just used their Visas.

August 2013: Bitcoin Revenue Explodes!

All that changed as soon as we began announcing our Bitcoinage more loudly! Around August, we came up with a new pricing scheme that involves you getting chunks as big as 8GB for just $9 a month (after a reasonable one-time fee), and we announced on Reddit's r/Bitcoin and BitcoinTalk that we accept Bitcoin!

Shockingly, new customers started spending their increasingly-valuable coins with us! And despite the recent Bitcoin price drop (curse you, China!) people are still spending them like nothing happened!

We want your Bitcoins, too!

If you're in the market for a very chunky VPS with crazy fast SSD drives, you should check us out! We offer a 5% discount when you pre-pay with Bitcoin, and our prices are pegged at the MtGox exchange rate (which everyone knows is too high!)