Bitcoin's Record Price Literally Broke our Software (sort of)

By Chunkhost, posted on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

We have fixed an issue that arose earlier today where our system's Bitcoin price was not updating.

Quick background: Chunkhost has accepted Bitcoin for a long time. In November 2012, a developer here sent a transaction of 50 BTC to test the system - back when that wasn't literally $1MM (imagine Dr. Evil meme here).

We run a constant process to update the price of Bitcoin internally so that we can give customers the current, fair exchange rate, but that process ran into trouble today: There was a hard-coded sanity-check that stopped our internal price from updating if BTC went over a certain threshold, which was set at $20,000 - presumably an unrealistic price at the time this code was last updated.

This sanity check got set off today, so for a few hours, customers paying with Bitcoin did not receive a fair rate - we have fixed this and compensated everyone affected, as well as raised the sanity-check threshold to a more realistic price - $5 Billion/BTC (okay maybe not QUITE that high).